Zim Sailing and RS Sailboats 2023 Fall Fleet Savings Promotion


Zim Sailing RS Sailboats 2023 Fall Fleet Savings Promotion:

This promotion is for organized sailing programs to get a discount on purchases of 3 or more boats of the same type. You can get more details about the discounts by emailing, calling (401) 237-6117, or filling out a quote request by clicking the link below. This promotion runs from 9/15/23 through 12/15/23.

Click here to request a quote and one of our team members will be in touch with you immediately.

Fine Print: 

  • This promotion is for boats purchased between 9/15/23 to 12/15/23. 
  • No exceptions will be made for late submissions
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion
  • All orders must include a 50% deposit, and must be taken delivery of by the end of Q1 2024