Seasonal Associate


Seasonal Associate  

Zim Sailing  

Primary Responsibilities: Retail Store / Merchandising Retail Store, Event Support, Sales Support, Marketing  Support Operations Support  

Retail Store / Merchandising Retail Store:  

One of the primary responsibilities of the seasonal associate will be monitoring the retail store. Handling the  walk-in customers who come in to purchase things, helping with sizing of soft goods for customers, picking  parts orders for people who walk in, etc. We also have tons of orders that are placed for customer pick up, and  this individual would be responsible for helping those customers when they come in to pick things up. In  addition to this, we’d also like this person to handle the merchandising of the retail store; hanging up soft goods  as they arrive, making sure the soft goods are organized in the store, and putting away other non-soft goods  items in the store as well. The goal is always to have back stock out and visible for customers to see.  

Event Support:  

This role will help with attending local events in our mobile retail units to sell parts + gear, and charter events.  Sales/Customer Service Support:  

This role will include various tasks to help execute the sales goals of the business. These responsibilities include  the following (but are not limited to): Providing Customer Service, Transactional Sales Support (Order Entry,  Invoicing Entry, Quote Creation), Phone Calls (Answering, Cold Calling, etc..), Email Support, ECOMM Site  Maintenance, Order Fulfillment (numbering sails), Aftermarket Sales Support, Charter Paperwork  Administration, etc.  

Marketing Support:  

This role will include various tasks to help execute the marketing goals of the business. These responsibilities  include the following (but are not limited to): social media, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, Digital  Content Creation, Blogging, Team Gear, ECOMM site, etc.  

Operations Support:  

This role will also include some operational duties from time to time, loading trucks, customer pickups, picking  packing and shipping orders, prepping boat orders, etc.  

Other Responsibilities:  

Another important aspect of this role is using, on a day-to-day basis, the valuable technologies of the business:  HubSpot, Outlook, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, Microsoft to Do, Microsoft Office, Sage, Google Docs, Google  Sheets, Google Calendar, Square and more. This role will require you to be in the office sometimes – and in the  warehouse at other times. It should be noted that any Zim employee can, should, and is expected to help Dwyer  employee’s if needed and vice versa. 

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