Line - By The Foot

  • Line, 8mm Polypropylene, Orange/Black

    Line, 8mm Polypropylene, Orange/Black

    Kingfisher Yacht Ropes
    Used as a 420 bow line and as a multi-purpose heavier duty dinghy line. Call for spool pricing. *Line sold by the foot is nonreturnable*
  • Line, 8mm Dinghy Lite

    Line, 8mm Dinghy Lite

    Ronstan Sailboat Hardware
    Jib sheet for the 420 and multi-purpose line for most dinghy and skiff sheets. Call for spool pricing. *Line sold by the foot is nonreturnable*
  • Line, 7mm Marstron+

    Line, 7mm Marstron+

    Marlow Ropes
    This lightweight sheet has super low water absorption and floats - excellent spinnaker sheet with excellent resistance through modern cleats and ratchet blocks *Line sold by the foot is nonreturnable*
  • Shock Cord, 5mm

    Shock Cord, 5mm

    FSE Robline
    Shock cord or bungee cord has almost unlimited uses aboard a sailboat or power boat. It’s great for securing stowed gear and equipment, preventing stowed hatch boards from rattling, holding lockers or doors open, running rigging systems, hiking...
  • Shock Cord, 3mm, Blue

    Shock Cord, 3mm, Blue

    Ronstan Sailboat Hardware
    The Shock Cord cover is made of highly abrasion resistant polyester, while its core consists of high quality rubber. This combination makes the rope compact, stable, and durable. Call for spool pricing.
  • Line, 3mm Dyneema

    Line, 3mm Dyneema

    FSE Robline
    Amsteel Blue from Samson is a high-performance 12-strand single braid line made of 100% Dyneema fiber. It offers a high strength-to-weight ratio (stronger than steel) with very low stretch. High abrasion and cut resistance thanks to a Samthane coating...

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