RS Quest

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  • RS Quest Trapeze Kit

    RS Quest Trapeze Kit

    The trapeze kit for the RS Quest includes everything you need to get out on the wire! Trap rings, line, cables, shock cord, clamcleats are all included and come as a completed assembly.
  • Tiller Tube, Quest

    Tiller Tube, Quest

    RS Sailing
    Tiller Tube for the RS Quest Sailboat.  This item is the tube Only. The asumption is that the hardware is taken off the previous tube and re-attached. If you need a complete rigged out tiller give us a call at 401-237-6117 
  • Carrier, Aft Mast, Quest

    Carrier, Aft Mast, Quest

    Mast carrier that mounts onto the back of the Quest that you can use to hold your mast while trailering the boat. 
  • Shrouds, RS Quest

    Shrouds, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Shrouds for the RS Quest RS Sailing Part # QUE-SP-906
  • Quick Pin, RS GNAV

    Quick Pin, RS GNAV

    RS Sailing
    Used with Selden GNAV Boom Slider with Sheaves. Also used for attaching the boom. Used on RS Quest and RS Vision. RS Sailing Part # 166-665
  • Mast Foot, RS Quest

    Mast Foot, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Mast Foot/Plug for the RS Quest. Includes upgraded pivot pin. Connects the bottom of the RS Quest mast to the mast step, whose part number is QUE-HF-200. RS Sailing Part # QUE-SP-904
  • Dynamic RS Quest Sailboat Dolly Double Centerline Tube w Fat Wheels

    Dynamic RS Quest Sailboat Dolly Double Centerline Tube w Fat Wheels

    Dynamic Dollies
    This is the double centerline tube Quest dolly with Fat Wheels.  Dynamic Dolly, Type 4.2 This style is made for heavier sprit boats, e.g., Topper Omega, RS Vision, RS Venture, and Laser Bahia. Split bow tube allows for extension of bowsprit and...

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