Why Charter With Zim?

Whether you are defending your title as North American Champion or traveling to your first major regatta, Zim charters are the way to go! We have C420s, ILCAs, Optis, and RS Aeros in stock and available to charter at most major regattas (see below for our calendar).


Getting a race ready boat to a big regatta is a logistical nightmare; all you want to do is focus on sailing your best and having a great weekend! Zim charter boats come standard with top-notch rigging, line, and gear to provide a truly excellent regatta experience. When you arrive at the regatta venue, we want you to only have to focus on the fun stuff. Trailering boats, unloading, and triple-checking to make sure you brought your spinnaker pole doesn't have to be part of your standard regatta planning. See some real reviews below!

"The service is excellent - thank you so much! Please get more boats so that the charters are more widely available!"


"Zim Sailing took any pre-race stress out of the picture!"


"Glad to see the continual upgrades to the charters, i.e. sheets and trim stickers." 

How Does Chartering Work?



1) On the pages below, you will select the event that you are chartering for and add the event to your cart on As you add the event item to your cart, you will be able to customize your charter. Once a charter is in your cart, you will also be able to add sails for a discount to your cart. If you decide to buy sails later on, email us to add to your order! When you're ready, checkout and your charter is confirmed.


2) As the event approaches, we will reach out with the specifics for the event. This will include where we will be at the regatta venue, the time you can pick your boat up, and the contact information for your charter representative.


3) You show up to the regatta relaxed, and pick up your charter boat.


4) At the end of the regatta, you will derig and help the Zim team load your boat onto the trailer.


5) You go home and don't stress about putting equipment away when you get home!


Your boat will be available the day before the regatta and will be checked back in after racing on the last day of the event. Pricing is based on boats being available the day prior to the regatta. Earlier arrival may result in an additional fee.


Give us a call at 401-237-6117 for more details, or send an email to




Click below to see available charters.

Cancellation & Waitlist Policy


Bookings are final once checkout is complete.


Cancellation requests should be made in writing by sending an email to If a replacement charterer is found, the value of your charter less $100 (for processing fees) will be refunded to you. If no replacement charterer is found, you will be responsible for the full value of your charter.


If Zim has a waitlist for an event, the first person on the waiting list will be notified (by email) immediately upon receipt of a cancellation request. They will be given a deadline to accept the charter, typically around 24hrs. If no response is received by that deadline, the next person on the waiting list is offered the charter and this repeats until a replacement is found. If nobody on the waiting list claims the charter, it will be listed again on the Zim website and the waiting list will be reset.


Being waitlisted with a regatta for entry to the event will not result in an automatic refund and the process above must still be followed if a charterer requests a refund based on the event waitlist. It is the charterer's responsibility to register for a regatta.


The charter request form (linked on each sold-out charter product page) must be filled out to request a spot on the waiting list. Emails directly to the charter exec will not be counted as waitlist submissions.