Sail Parts

  • Sail Numbers, 12" Digital 8 Sail Numbers, 12" Digital 8

    Sail Numbers, 12" Digital 8

    These 12" digital sail numbers have a sticky adhesive on one side that will bind them to the sail. Once applied and set, the numbers will be able to withstand the elements of sailing without falling off. If you need to change your numbers for any reason...
  • C420 Batten Set

    C420 Batten Set

    North Sails
    Complete set of replacement battens for the Zim C420.  
  • Tell Tales

    Tell Tales

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    8 pairs of yarn tell tales with adhesive patches. Includes instructions on proper placement and installation. Great for multiple types of boats including the C420, FJ, ILCA, Optimist, etc.  Optiparts Part # EX1430
  • C420 Spinnaker Storage Bag - Mesh

    C420 Spinnaker Storage Bag - Mesh

    North Sails
    Mesh bag perfect for storing your wet spinnaker or any other wet gear that needs to dry.   ***THIS IS NOT THE BAG FOR MOUNTING TO THE BOAT. THIS IS ONLY FOR STORAGE OFF THE BOAT, TO PREVENT MILDEW FROM FORMING ON WET CLOTH***   For the...
  • C420 Top Batten

    C420 Top Batten

    North Sails
    420 main top batten, with end cap  LP Part # 95874

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