• Platinum Collegiate Sails Platinum Collegiate Sails

    Platinum Collegiate Sails

    North Sails
    Zim Sailing along with North Sails have developed the new standard for collegiate and high school sails. These sails are designed for great performance without sacrificing durability. Our Platinum sails will handle the high demands of college and high...
  • FJ Spinnaker

    FJ Spinnaker

    North Sails
    Class approved spinnaker sail for FJ sailboats, made by North Sails. Updated Dark Blue with Light Blue colorway. Class Legal Made by North Sails Zim Part # 20337 / Laser Performance Part # 94502 Compatible with both Zim and Laser Performance boats
  • FJ Jib Sail

    FJ Jib Sail

    North Sails
     Jib, manufactured by North Sails. Does not include a sail bag. Jib sheets sold separately. LP Part # 94501
  • FJ Main Sail

    FJ Main Sail

    North Sails
    The CFJ mainsail is a dacron class legal sail manufactured by North Sails. The FJ Main comes complete with sail ties, battens, and a class button, and sail bag.  Zim Sailing now offers FREE NUMBERS and FREE NUMBER INSTALLATION on all sails purchased...

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