Fighter Optimist

We are thrilled to announce that Zim Sailing is now the exclusive importer of Fighter Optimists for North America! This top-of-the-line Optimist is brought to you by Slawomir Baranowski, the builder behind the original BlueBlue, BlueMagic, and Blue2 boats. The Fighter is his latest evolution of the racing Optimist, and is taking the European market by storm! The Fighter has been selected as the boat of choice for the Polish National Team, and was sailed by Team Ukraine to 2nd place at Team Racing Worlds last year (losing out to Team USA's raw talent). We have spent several months researching the best Optimist builders in the market, discussed options with the top coaches in the game, traveled to Poland to see the factory, and have determined that the Fighter will be a fantastic racing Optimist for our customers that are ready to compete at the top of the class.

Features of the boat include:

-Laser-Aligned Foils
-Sharpened Edges
-Handcrafted with biaxial cloth to produce a superior, stiff hull
-48L Airbags
-4:1 Mainsheet System
-Double tapered sheet
-Spliced top blocks from West Coast Sailing Rig Shop
-Soft-attach forward hull-mounted block to allow for easy maintenance
-Swivel base with Harken 57mm Ratchet Block
-Athlete's choice of MK3 / MK4 / BlackGold Spars
-Athlete's choice of J Sail / OneSail
-Customized nonskid pattern to allow for smooth bailing while retaining grip when screaming downwind
-Fighter Foils
-Flex Daggerboard (under 40kg) or Medium Daggerboard (over 40kg)
-Fighter Rudder + Tiller and Extension

We have ordered a container of boats for delivery at the end April , the vast majority of which will replace our charter fleet; a few boats are available in the first container.

It's anticipated that our next container will be approximately 5 weeks behind the first; place preorders now to ensure boats are available for summer racing. 


In addition to crafting the world's best Optimists, Fighter is producing championship-level foils with two levels of daggerboard available. These are extremely high quality blades, handcrafted to a glossy finish level, fine trailing edge, and optimized bottom corners.

The Flex daggerboard is designed for athletes less than 40kg, and the Medium for those above. 

The Fighter Rudder includes Optiparts fittings, tiller, and extension.


Private owners of Fighter Optimists will receive 50% off Zim Optimist charters for the athlete the boat is purchased for! Place a deposit today to secure your discounted charters for the next few years. 

This offer is non-transferrable, only applies to Optimist charters, and must be assigned to one athlete at the time of purchase.

All of Zim's charter Optimists will be replaced with Fighters just after 2023 Team Trials.

Email with questions on this program!