Optiparts Marine Equipment

  • Opti Bottom Cover (Optiparts)

    Opti Bottom Cover (Optiparts)

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    This cover is for the hull of an opti. It has shock cord inserted around the rim and adjustable straps so the cover can sit securely on the hull. It has additional padding in 3 large strips for added...
  • Mast Float

    Mast Float

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    This mast float significantly reduces the risk of inversion. A very neat design of 2 inflatable tubes connected with a piece of sailcloth. The sailcloth can be folded around the rope inside the...
  • Line, 3mm Vectran x 16m

    Line, 3mm Vectran x 16m

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    3 mm Vectran without cover with uv protective coating. Constructed in such a way to facilitate easy splicing. Optiparts Part # EX1366
  • Opti Foil Bag (Optiparts)

    Opti Foil Bag (Optiparts)

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    Constructed of 600 D Nylon, this Optimist blade bag is made to last long. With 3 compartments for rudder, daggerboard and accessories. The rudder and daggerboard compartments are padded in- and...
  • Opti Sprit Pole - Optimax MK3 Hyperflex (28mm)

    Opti Sprit Pole - Optimax MK3 Hyperflex (28mm)

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    The most flexible racing sprit creates less distortion of the sail shape and provides an active change of tension on the leech. For the more experienced sailor who can adjust their mainsheet tension...
  • Opti Boom - Optimax Mk5 (48mm)

    Opti Boom - Optimax Mk5 (48mm)

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    A lightweight yet ultra stiff and powerful 48 mm racing boom which is mainly suitable for the more experienced, heavier weight sailors above 45 kg. This boom comes with an improved bridle system, an...
  • Opti Sprit Pole - Optimax Mk III

    Opti Sprit Pole - Optimax Mk III

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    Optimax MK III sprit pole made of Lanurep space craft alloy. Perfect for sailors 35-45kg.   Optimax Part Number: OX45M3F

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