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Enabling access to the water is at the core of our mission. We work with hundreds of yacht clubs, camps, sailing programs, and community boating centers that share this vision. We're proud to support the sailing community by offer discounted pricing to these organizations so that they can keep boats and sailors on the water.

Additional Discounts + Savings Now Available for Program Accounts!
Save up to 15% on Parts, Sails, Line, and More at Zim Sailing

Any program actively supporting a fleet or boats and/or sailors may be eligible for this program, including (but not limited to):

  • Yacht Clubs
  • Sailing Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • Community Sailing Programs
  • Learn to Sail Programs
  • College Sailing Teams
  • High School Sailing Teams
  • State / County / Local Recreational & Parks Programs

Program Details - Save up to 15%

As a sailing program, you have access to discounted pricing on a number of our products, especially those that are frequently used by programs just like you. We offer discounts of up to 15% on all major product categories, so you can make the most of your program's budget to keep sailors on the water.

Bulk discounts for boats are available for sailing programs. Email for details and with questions.

How To Get Started

  1. If you manage, purchase for, or are otherwise affiliated with a sailing program and are ready to save on parts and gear orders, you can get started by completing our Program Pricing Application via the following link.
  2. This application will request information such as your organization's name, an overview of your typical needs, best contact information, and payment preferences.
  3. If you have a tax-exempt certificate, 
  4. Our team reviews your information, sets up your account in our accounting system, and creates an online account for your program.
  5. Our team sends login information to your contact for your online account (@
  6. You start saving money!

For questions about an existing account or application, you can email us at

How To Order

The easiest way for you to order is through the website, Your discounts are automatically shown on all products - the price you see is your discounted price!

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Contact us if you need assistance with your password or account!

You can always call us (401-237-6117) to inquire about stock availability or to place orders.

Official Supplier of College Sailing - ICSA

Zim Sailing has partnered with West Coast Sailing to be the "Official Suppliers of College Sailing". When your program shops with us, you'll get special discounts on our entire range of products, but we'll donate back 5% of your purchase to support ICSA programs. Everyone wins!

This is in addition to the great pricing and support for your team you can get with program discounts! To get started, please fill our our form and follow the steps listed above.

Official Supplier of High School Sailing - ISSA

Zim Sailing has partnered with West Coast Sailing to be the "Official Suppliers of High School Sailing". When your school shops with us, you'll get special discounts on our entire range of products to support your program. To get started, please fill our our form and follow the steps listed above.

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