Hull & Deck Parts

Keep your C420 in top racing shape with replacement hull and deck parts from Zim Sailing, your trusted C420 builder. 

  • C420 Pro Hiking Strap (Rooster) C420 Pro Hiking Strap (Rooster)

    C420 Pro Hiking Strap (Rooster)

    Available Exclusively at Zim Sailing The new C420 Pro Hiking Strap from Rooster Sailing - a great upgrade for any active racer. These straps are now standard on all Zim PRO C420s and our charter boats. Sold individually. Order 2 to upgrade your C420.
  • Ronstan Fairlead Small

    Ronstan Fairlead Small

    Ronstan Sailboat Hardware
    Small plastic fairlead; impact resistant, U.V. stabilized ZIM APPLICATIONS C420 trapeze shockcord C420 boardcap cleat fairlead  
  • C420 Spin Halyard Retainer Toothbrush

    C420 Spin Halyard Retainer Toothbrush

    Zim Toothbrush is prfeect for brushing but even better as a spin halyard retainer! Don't get caught on the race course with Oral B. Win with Zim! Zim Toothbrush allows for quicker spinnaker sets vs. an ordinary flat-trim toothbrush. Cleaning bristles and...
  • SS60 Bailer Guard (Pair)

    SS60 Bailer Guard (Pair)

    Racelite Hardware
     The bailer guard is designed to protect the Super Shute 60 auto-bailer used in the forward bailer on the Zim C420. Replaces the previous model that is one piece. Having two pieces makes the part lighter and easy to replace. Sold as a Pair.
  • Lower Pintle for Zim C420 & FJ Zim C420 pintles

    C420/FJ Pintle Upper

    Pintles for Zim 420s and FJs (over-the-transom-rudders).  Hole Spacing: 2" Hole Size: 1/4" Screw Length: 1 1/2"
  • Drain Plug - RWO Screw Style

    Drain Plug - RWO Screw Style

    RWO Marine
    Drain plug works on RS Zest, RS Venture, H10, H12.  Works for anything that used the Allen plug # A.423 Replacement screw style RWO plug only, no housing.  LP Part # 91086

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