Opti Charters

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The Fighter Opti

We are thrilled to announce that Zim Sailing is now the exclusive importer of Fighter Optimists for North America! This top-of-the-line Optimist is brought to you by Slawomir Baranowski, the builder behind the original BlueBlue, BlueMagic, and Blue2 boats. The Fighter is his latest evolution of the racing Optimist, and is taking the European market by storm! The Fighter has been selected as the boat of choice for the Polish National Team, and was sailed by Team Ukraine to 2nd place at Team Racing Worlds last year (losing out to Team USA's raw talent). We have spent several months researching the best Optimist builders in the market, discussed options with the top coaches in the game, traveled to Poland to see the factory, and have determined that the Fighter will be a fantastic racing Optimist for our customers that are ready to compete at the top of the class. Read on for additional information about chartering a Fighter Optimist at an upcoming Opti event or check out the press release below.


Fighter Opti Charters

Our Optimist charter fleet is new, or like new Fighter Optimist.


Your charter includes:
            -Fighter Optimist Hull

            -Your choice of spars

            -Your choice of Fighter foils


            -All lines

            -All blocks

            -2 hand bailers

            -1 hand paddle

            -Zim dolly

            -Zim top cover


The boat will be available on the morning of the first practice or measurement day and will be clearly marked with the skipper’s name.  Sail, sail ties and wind indicator are not included. All our sails are discounted 10% for charter customers; choose between J Sails, One Sails and North. Numbering is included, and we'll have it ready for you when you pick up your charter boat! Email with questions and to order your sail.