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Cover, Top, RS Feva, Colie

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Cover, Top, RS Feva, Colie
Cover, Top, RS Feva, Colie
Cover, Top, RS Feva, Colie
RS Feva Top Cover
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~ This all in one cover fits the RS Feva. Designed for highway travel, off-season storage and mast-up dinghy lot storage, it is the epitome of a Colie Deluxe.
~ Mast opening features a high collar with a #10 YKK zipper running from the top of the mast collar all the way to the chain plate, keeping the boat substantially drier than other covers.
~ Mast collar is tapered with tie closure inside to seal it off for highway travel or off-season storage.
~ Four heavy duty straps go under the hull and hold the cover taut with quick release adjustable buckles.
~ Pretensioned bungee makes this cover a breeze to put on and take off.
~ Chainplate closure is strong, easy and adjustable with two straps and quick release adjustable buckles.
~ Tenting of the cover is accomplished simply by tying your main halyard to a bridal and then raising the halyard. The pull-up webbing loops are structurally reinforced where they are sewn to the cover.
~ This cover has been reinforced at all wear areas.
~ Colie Deluxe covers are made from Top Gun, ® the highest quality marine fabric made in America. It is a rugged abrasion-resistant material with stay-true, long lasting colors. Top Gun® is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. It's also UV and mildew resistant, plus water repellent and breathable. All our covers are constructed from "Seagull Gray" Top Gun and are trimmed in a contrasting color.
~ Colie Deluxe covers are sewn with "Tenara®" sewing thread by Gore which has a lifetime guarantee for sun-rot. We can say without hesitation that our covers last longer than any others we've seen or heard about.
~ Genuine YKK brand heavy duty #10 zipper
~ Every Colie Deluxe product includes your name or sail number, neatly stenciled on it for personalization.

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