The RS Neo - The Unsung Hero of the RS Sailing Range

The RS Neo - The Unsung Hero of the RS Sailing Range

Published by RS Sailing on 22nd May 2020

The RS Neo - The Unsung Hero of the RS Sailing Range

You can sail, you love it and you want to get better at it, but you are not ready to jump into a performance boat. Maybe you have joined your first sailing club after learning to sail? Or you are coming back to sailing after decades away from the craft. Or you quite simply want to go sailing without any of the worries of boat maintenance? It sounds like you need to consider the RS Neo.

The RS Neo is described as, “A single hander with sparkling performance, easy handling and real durability, the RS Neo delivers maximum reward for minimum hassle”. Cut away all the fluff what are you really left with? A single hander, with a sturdy plastic hull, a fancy carbon rig and a great cut sail that’s the same ballpark size as a Laser Radial.

Who is it aimed at? Intermediate sailors. The sailors who want a rig that works, a hull shape that allows them to develop their sailing technique but still have that durability that allows them to accidentally prang it or drag it up a beach without a care in the world.

Keep reading below to find out about some of the RS Neo’s best features.

Sophisticated rig
The RS Neo has Carbon composite spars, which means the rig is light and really responsive. It allows sailors to really start developing feel for a boat. The mast comes in two parts, firstly to allow for tidy in-boat storage but it also makes it easily car-top’able.

The radial cut dacron sail means that it is controllable and durable, allowing for dynamic gust response for faster and easier handling. To top it off it has powerful controls that work, sailors can learn how to ‘change gear’ with ease and you can tailor your sail settings for different sailors & conditions.

User-friendly hull
The hull has been designed with easy helming in mind but it is challenging enough to reward performance. The wide waterline beam gives the hull great stability and the RS Neo’s high volume means that it is a capable carrier, single-handed or with two. The wide gunwales result in a drier ride for helms and comfortable lifting from trolley to the car roof.

Highly durable
The hull is made from RS Comptec PE3 sandwich construction with an impact resistant outer skin. The result is a sturdy, durable and virtually maintenance free hull. The thickness variation in the PE3 sandwich construction is matched to high load areas which gives the RS Neo better performance through overall weight control.

Rub rails protect the underside so you can literally drag it up a beach if you want to and the impact resistant outer skin means that bumps and scrapes are nothing to fear in the RS Neo. The Strongest, moulded-in fittings attachment points allow sailors to really push the boat and the rig to maximize its performance.

Class-leading cockpit
Leave your bailer and sponge on the shore because the RS Neo is self-draining. It is ergonomically shaped for sailor comfort which should enable you to hike for longer. The layout suits single-handed sailing but there is space for two for a parent-child combo or a snugger sail with two adults. The quick lock mast gate is a fast & secure way to step the mast with no need to fiddle with split rings. Conveniently placed controls make it easy to adjust your controls whilst sailing.

This pocket rocket is the perfect family single hander, its versatile enough to challenge and develop competent racers but at the same time its forgiving enough to build the confidence for smaller or younger sailors on the water. With little maintenance and easy rigging, the RS Neo allows you to spend more time on the water, doing what you love!

Do you want to know more about the RS Neo? Follow this link.