Top 420 Replacement Parts

Top 420 Replacement Parts

Published by Bo Williams, Sales Manager on 9th Apr 2020

Top 420 Replacement Parts by Bo Williams, Sales Manager

Here at Zim Sailing we're channeling our inner Kenneth Grahame, Author of The Wind in the Willows, and encouraging all sailors out there to uncover their sailboats, give them a good bath and start to tinker for the upcoming season. After all, "There is NOTHING - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

I decided to look at our Top 420 Replacement Parts so folks could see the highest volume replacement parts we sell and use it as a guide to look through their boat and equipment to see what work needs to be done. 

Roller Pin for Spin Guy

The beauty of the roller pin is that it has eliminated the need for guy hooks, which break and bend all the time and are a pain to replace. Our roller pins fit the Zim and LP/Vanguard shroud adjusters. As time as moved on, people have removed guy hooks or stopped using them and started to use these exclusively, which is why they're such a high volume replacement part. Click this link to see the Roller Pin for Spin Guy on our online store.

Hiking Straps

420 hiking straps get used hard, and you need to make sure they're in good shape, so you don't end up in the drink. Because they're exposed to the elements and used hard, they typically need to be replaced regularly. Click here to see the 420 hiking strap on our online store.

Sails - Main, Jib, Spin

There's nothing like a new set of sails! Avid racers usually replace sails once a year or once every other year, depending on how often they sail and what conditions they're sailing in. Jibs typically wear out faster and may want to be replaced more frequently. Click here to see our 420 sails on our online store.

Spinnakers are generally paid attention to less than the main and jib sail, but they're just as important and should also be replaced on an annual or bi-annual basis for avid racers. Here at Zim, we have the most extensive offering of 420 spinnakers, and we love bringing some color into the sport. My personal favorites that we offer are the Stars and Stripes Spin and the Rainbow Spin. Click here to see our 420 spins on our online store. If you're feeling creative, you can also get your own custom 420 spinnaker. Lead times are usually around 6-8 weeks. Click here to see the custom 420 spinnaker options on our online store.

Forestay, Shrouds

Standing rigging is a critical component of your boat and should be inspected frequently. If you see any corrosion, discoloration, or unraveling, it means it's time to replace. Here at Zim, we have three 420 shrouds that we sell. 

1.) Standard shroud for Zim Club 420's - click here to see the standard shrouds on our online store. 

2.) Shrouds for Vanguard/LP/PS2000 420's - click here to see the Vanguard/LP/PS2000 shrouds on our online store.

3.) Shrouds for Zim ZFORCE C420's that use the link plate shroud adjusters. The link plates and the link plate shrouds allow sailors to adjust their rig tension while on the water safely. These are becoming something that almost all avid racers are installing on their boats and should be considered by anyone actively racing the club 420. Click here to see the link plate shrouds. Click here to see the link plates.

Shroud Adjusters, Shroud Adjuster Covers

Shroud adjusters are a commonly replaced item. It seems to me that they're damaged frequently from collisions, traveling/towing, or improper use (pins not installed correctly, faulty pins, etc.). We sell two shroud adjusters: 

1.) Zim Shroud Adjuster - click here to see the Zim shroud adjuster on our online store.

2.) Vanguard/LP Shroud Adjuster - click here to see the Vanguard/LP shroud adjuster on our online store.

Also pictured above is our shroud adjuster cover, which I highly recommend to make sure your shroud adjusters and related pins and ring dings are covered. Click here to see our shroud adjuster cover on our online store.

Gasket Sets 

Gasket sets get worn out over time from frequent use and should be replaced regularly. Here at Zim, we sell two types of gasket sets: 

1.) Avid racers typically prefer the mylar gasket set that comes on all our 420's. Click here to see the mylar gasket set on our online store.

2.) Dacron Sailcloth gasket set is typically preferred by club-owned boats. Click here to see the dacron sailcloth gasket set on our online store.

Also pictured above is our aluminum gasket retainers. Click here to see our aluminum gasket retainers on our online store. 

Complete Tillers, Tiller Extensions, and Universals 

From time to time tillers, tiller extensions, and tiller universals break, bend, or get lost. Our 420's come standard with a 36" extension but we also over a complete tiller with a 33" extension:

1.) Click here to see our complete 420 tiller with a 36" extension.

2.) Click here to see our complete 420 tiller with a 33" extension.

We have tiller extensions in a ton of sizes on our website here are the links to the 36" and the 33" extensions: 

1.) Click here to see our 36" tiller extension.

2.) Click here to see our 33" tiller extension.

Tiller universals are something that should be inspected frequently and replaced regularly. Click this link to see our tiller universal on our online store.

Spinnaker Poles

Spin poles are commonly lost when sailors capsize. Here at Zim, we sell two spin poles. 

1.) Our tapered spin pole is preferred by avid racers and is lighter weight. Click here to see our tapered 420 spin pole on our online store.

2.) Our club spin pole is preferred by sailing programs. It's a bit heavier than the tapered spin pole, and it has floatation inside of it. Click here to see our club 420 spin pole on our online store

Spreader Sets

Spreaders are sometime's damaged but more frequently lost in the shuffle of rigging and de-rigging boats and traveling/towing to regattas etc. Click here to see our spreader set on our online store. 

Spinnaker Bags

Last but not least, another frequently replaced part is the 420 spinnaker bag. These can eventually break down from UV or get ripped etc. It's important they're in good working order so spinnaker hoists go off without a hitch. Click here to see our spinnaker bags on our online store.

As always please feel free to call or email us anytime! We're looking forward to hearing from you and helping you get prepped for the upcoming season! 

Bo Williams

Sales Manager