Why is the RS Zest the right sailboat for you?

Why is the RS Zest the right sailboat for you?

Published by RS Sailing on 22nd May 2020

Why is the RS Zest the right sailboat for you?

The RS Zest is the most recent design from RS Sailing. A modern “feature-packed” sailboat that was designed to be a drastic improvement on decades old designs similar in size. Designer Jo Richards who also designed the Laser Pico saw an opportunity to take all of his previous experience to deliver the ultimate design that checks off all the boxes. Recreational sailors and sailing programs were looking for stability, reliability, durability, capacity, and affordability. The RS Zest delivers all of the above.

The durable rotomoulded polyethylene construction, versatility, and reassuring stability makes the RS Zest the perfect platform for inspiring confidence while maintaining excitement to enjoy every moment on the water. No matter what type of sailor you are, the RS Zest is right for you.

For all the mothers, fathers, teenagers, or any sailor just looking to blast around by themselves, the RS Zest is ideal to single hand. The sails can be adjusted for any wind strength by easily reefing the mainsail around the mast to using the jib when more horsepower is needed. 2020 is the year of the singlehander, don’t miss out!

The RS Zest is focused on offering an easy approach to sailing that will ensure a good time had by all in order to keep the whole family excited about going sailing every time. Able to fit an adult couple or an adult with multiple children, the wide ergonomic cockpit throughout the boat is particularly suited for all sailors to be comfortable whether sitting on the side of the hull or the forward-facing bench to make even the most timid sailor feel at ease. The buoyant stable bow was even designed to carry a full sized sailor.

Sailing Programs
The RS Zest can be defined as the “Ultimate Program boat” from learn to sail, camp sailing, even adult sailing, this boat achieves the mission of any institution looking for a go-to boat. Thousands are being used throughout the world for this purpose and the versatility which fills so many different niches is simply amazing. The on the water stability offers a sense of comfort while the boat still performs for more advance sailors. The hull remains stable on land to simplify storage and even be utilized for land drills.

Super Yacht Toy
For those fortunate enough to enjoy the finer things in life, the RS Zest has been a choice boat for Super Yachts as a toy for guests or even a tender due to it’s optimal rowing from the bench with the rowing kit option. Easy to manage on and off the water, this is a reliable and smart option.

The term “feature-packed” is used often when describing the RS Zest. What exactly does that mean? It refers to the many innovative modern design features which make for a more enjoyable sailing experience and simpler routine once back on shore.

This term is used when it’s too much to list all the features, but since now we’ve got you excited, here is a list of all the major RS Zest features:

  • Simple “Clunk & Click” mast gate
  • Replaecable, self flushing mast step
  • Roller reefing mainsail
  • Self draining cockpit
  • Nearly maintence free durable polyethylene hull
  • Kick up rudder/Centerboard
  • Wide ergonomic cockpit
  • Comfortable seats for everyone
  • Built in grabrails
  • Center mainsheet
  • 2 Part Aluminum Mast
  • High Boom
  • High visibility sail
  • Capsize handles which double as wear rails
  • Aluminum replaceable transom wear plate
  • Built in tow points
  • Oarlock ready

Check out all the features in this video.

The RS Zest has been packed full of features which have created a very diverse sailboat that can work for a wide spectrum of sailors and programs. The optional jib pack provides a bit more power and expands the use of the boat for training. The option rowing kit allows you the confidence to comfortable row in while seated on the bench on a light air day. Other options include dolly, boat cover, and even a mast cover so you can leave the sail protected on the mast.

Since it’s launch in 2017, thousands of RS Zests are now being enjoyed by all types of sailors all around the world. 

Of the many awards the RS Zest has received, Sail Magazine did a great review which we’d encourage you to read –

Sailors throughout the world are recognizing the RS Zest as the boat to take their families, friends, and sailing programs into the future. From your first time afloat, to experienced day sailing it’s an enjoyable experience every day.

As the US starts to “re-open” a lot of sailors everywhere are considering safely how to get on the water. We encourage everyone to appreciate this time and get on the water. We have many boats which are suitable with the RS Zest you get an approachable opportunity for everyone to just get on the water alone or within your small family group.

Whether the RS Zest sounds perfect or you are looking for something else, perhaps higher performance, we have that for you too.

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