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Line bag for the racing ILCA sailor.

This kit contains: 

  • Vang Secondary Line
  • Cunningham Secondary Line
  • Hiking Strap Bungee
  • Cunningham Line
  • Rudder Downhaul Line
  • Daggerboard Line (and clip)
  • Hiking Strap Adjust Line
  • Outhaul Line
  • Mast Retainer Line
  • Outhaul Blocks to Mast Line
  • Traveler Line
  • Bow Line
  • Daggerboard Bungee
  • Outhaul Secondary Line
  • Vang Line
  • Mainsheet
  • Clew Strap


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    Nice Package, has all you need, instructions, and each piece is labeled.

    This is a good package to refresh your lines and way cheaper as a kit than to buy piece by piece. There is enough line on most dyneema pieces to splice a loop. ILCA sailors often have a preferred main sheet thickness and texture. This is all around good but may not be your preferred sheet. You might keep it as a back up. Even without the sheet, this is a good value.

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