Macdiarmid Sails

  • 29er Boom Bag

    29er Boom Bag

    Macdiarmid Sails
     The 29er boom bag has a full length zipper and is designed to protect the boom during travel and storage. 
  • 29er Spinnaker Sock

    29er Spinnaker Sock

    Macdiarmid Sails
     The 29er Spinnaker Sock is fabricated with a Mylar top and a mesh bottom for water drainage. It is designed to contain the spinnaker when retracted. 
  • 29er Spinnaker

    29er Spinnaker

    Macdiarmid Sails
     Class legal 29er Spinnaker from MacDiarmid Sails.   
  • 29er Jib 29er Jib

    29er Jib

    Macdiarmid Sails
      Class legal jib sail from MacDiarmid for the 29er.
  • 29er Mainsail

    29er Mainsail

    Macdiarmid Sails
     The 29er Mainsail is a fully battened Mylar class legal 29er sail from MacDiarmid. The 29er mainsail comes complete with tell tales, battens, batten adjusters, and a long sail bag.  Zim...

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