Platinum Collegiate Sails

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Platinum Collegiate Sails
Platinum Collegiate Sails
Platinum Collegiate Sails
Platinum Collegiate Sails
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Zim Sailing along with North Sails have developed the new standard for collegiate and high school sails. These sails are designed for great performance without sacrificing durability. Our Platinum sails will handle the high demands of college and high school sailing and hold their shape better than other sails on the market. With cloth up to 7.8 ounces and reinforced in all the right places, these sails are built to withstand the rigors of college, high school and junior program abuse. Platinum sails are available for 420s and FJs. Contact us today for a quote based on custom options and graphics.


Zim’s Platinum Collegiate Sails are constructed with Nordac Fill, the highest quality woven polyester (Dacron) cloth. NorDac Fill is constructed with high tenacity polyester yarn woven in proprietary warp/fill combinations. Using the densest possible fiber content ensures excellent shapeholding and the longest performance life.


  • Floating tack for increased luff tension control
  • “Loose foot” for better shaping of the bottom of the sail
  • 4.5” Headboard and positive roach for better light air performance
  • Slug at Tack and Clew – No webbing to wear out, no shackles to lose
  • Ultra-lite luff and leach telltales
  • Colored corner reinforcements for team racing enhancement
  • Custom graphics – Logos, Letters, Mascots

Why does Zim recommend certain sail colors?

The ideal way to set up the color pairings are single digit vs double digit and contrasting colors.  For instance, if red is 1,2,3 than it makes sense for blue to be 16,17,18.  No overlap on digits and contrasting colors.


1-3 Red

4-6 Orange

7-9 Pink

10-12 Black

13-15 Green

16-18 Blue

19-21 Grey

22-24 Purple


For 1-18 that means:

Red vs blue

Orange vs black

Pink vs green


We always used yellow, but it is impossible to see even with tricks such as bumble bee stripes, outlines, etc. . . We now recommend against it.  Grey vs purple can be an add on for high #’s in bigger fleets.   Having said all that, obviously, people will do what they wish.  For example, Hobart likes to use orange and purple in certain #’s because they are school colors.  Bresnahan is color blind and likes to use the same colors over and over.  Harvard only uses Red & Black, etc. . .

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