Tillers & Blades

  • FJ Gasket Retainer - Aft

    FJ Gasket Retainer - Aft

    The aftmost piece of the gasket retainer for the Zim Club FJ. Works opposite the front gasket retainer, and in conjunction with the side gasket retainers. 
  • FJ Gasket Retainer - Front

    FJ Gasket Retainer - Front

    The front gasket retainer for the Zim CFJ, works in conjunction with 2 side retainers and 1 aft retainer. 
  • FJ Gasket Retainer - Side

    FJ Gasket Retainer - Side

    The gasket retainer side piece for the Zim CFJ sailboat holds the mylar gasket in place. To replace both sides you need to order two. Front and aft retainers are sold separately.  
  • FJ Gasket Set

    FJ Gasket Set

    Slot strip gasket set, laminated woven polyester on a rigid nylon backing.   This is two gaskets, they're each 39" long, and 1 3/3" wide.  Also comes with a small strip to install at the front of the centerboard casing.  LP Part # 85049
  • FJ Rudder (Cal Style) FJ Rudder (Cal Style)

    FJ Rudder (Cal Style)

    CFJ CAL-style rigged rudder. This is a complete rudder including rudder blade, rudder head, and downhaul line.  LP Part # 85151
  • FJ Rudder Head (Cal Style)

    FJ Rudder Head (Cal Style)

    CAL Style Rudder Head, fits both Zim and Vanguard CFJ's. Aluminum gudgeons with pressed in bronze bushings.  LP Part # 85134
  • Tiller Extension Universal

    Tiller Extension Universal

    High quality urethane universal with molded in safety line. Used on several boats including the 420, FJ, ILCA, Optimist, Megabyte, Byte, etc.  LP Part # 85200
  • FJ Gasket Retainer

    FJ Gasket Retainer

    Aluminum gasket retainer, needs two per boat.  This gasket retainer is 39" long, and 1/2" wide.  LP Part # 85014

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