• Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk

    Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk

    This 30mm Extreme High Load block from Allen is designed specifically for high load applications like the ILCA vang that require frequent adjustment. With a vang key installed, you're ready to amp up the power in your control systems after a quick swap.
  • ILCA Clew Shackle w/Block

    ILCA Clew Shackle w/Block

    This clew shackle with block is used to attached your outhaul to the clew of the sail. This is built with a 16mm Harken ball bearing block and a halyard shackle with a removeable pin.
  • ILCA Vang System (Harken)

    ILCA Vang System (Harken)

    Upgraded vang system for the ILCA sailboat. Made by Harken. Class legal. LP Part # 10404
  • ILCA Clew Hook (Harken)

    ILCA Clew Hook (Harken)

    The 433 Dinghy Clew Hooks are designed for ILCA and other loose-footed dinghies. It installs permanently on the boom and allows you to instantly attach your sail in high wind and waves. Weight - 0.65oz Harken Part # 433
  • ILCA Cunningham & Outhaul System (Harken)

    ILCA Cunningham & Outhaul System (Harken)

    Upgraded cunningham and outhaul system for the ILCA sailboat. Class legal. Made by Harken. LP Part # 10403 Click this link to see the rigging guide for this item. 
  • ILCA Boom Block (Harken)

    ILCA Boom Block (Harken)

    Upgraded 40mm boom block for the ILCA. Class legal. Built by Harken. LP Part # 91449

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