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Rooster Trapeze Harness
Rooster Trapeze Harness
Rooster Trapeze Harness
Rooster Trapeze Harness
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The Rooster Trapeze Harness is fully compliant with the new weight rules and has positive buoyancy as per requirements in the 2021-2024 new World sailing rules. 

Ideal for C420 and I420 sailing.

The harness is lightweight and super adjustable. The addition of dynema ties allows for an even more customized fit. Velcro closures make it really easy to get on and off.   

This harness has been reimagined, redesigned, and rigorously tested by the rooster team to provide the ideal amount of support and comfort on the Trapeze.

The curved and pre-shaped body can be adjusted at 3 points on each side to allow adjustment down the upper back, across the middle, and up from the seat panel, to tailor the fit to different shapes.

This harness is compatible with a wide bar to support the hips and lower back, the bar can be changed to preference through the harness bar slot at the front.

There is NBR rubber on the inside of the harness, this has minimal water absorption ensuring that no weight will be added when wet, applies a small level of shock absorption, and molds the harness to your body.

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