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J Sails Opti Race Sail Classic - Red (95lbs<)

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J Sails is a family company, established in Poland in 1991. Since inception, JSails specialized in Optimist sails. The company's first success came in 2000 when a new model was designed based on coach and sail maker experience: Classic. It was with this model that J Sails had its first significant success.

Classic Red - 95lbs<

A TRUE GAME-CHANGER IN THE JSAIL HISTORY. The origional J Sails opti racing sail, it has been in the market for approximately 20 years, introduced back then as a "RED CLASSIC". It fully combines power and thrust making it a proper choice for sailors that need more.

The proper dynamic work with body and sheets allows for using its full potential. Its greater depth results in a huge power which allows for real high speed. It is offered to sailors who are not fully satisfied with their speed while on J Blue.

It requires a perfect sailing technique and in return it offers excellent speed. It is excellent at downwind courses. 

Zim Sailing offers FREE NUMBERS & FREE NUMBER INSTALLATION on all J Sails purchased online. Simply select the 'Number Sail' option and add your sail number in the field shown above. 


All J Sails Optimist race sails come with USA country code preinstalled. We are not able to offer alternative country codes for J Sails at this time. When you choose to add your sail number above, the number will be installed below the country code per class rules. If you choose not to add a sail number, your sail with come with the preinstalled USA on each side. We are unable to remove the USA prior to shipment.

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