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C420 Rudder (Rigged, V2, White)

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C420 Rudder (Rigged, V2, White)
C420 Rudder (Rigged, V2, White)
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Complete rigged rudder including rudder head, blade, and downhaul. Zim V2 rudders are only compatible with Zim C420s. To fit on a PS2000, Vanguard, or LP boat you must order the V1 Rudder.

Zim 420 rudder blades have a seamless edge that makes for a beautifully finished product that is as smooth as possible through the water.

The rigged 420 rudders don't include the tiller and tiller extension. You can find the tiller and tiller extensions by clicking this link. 

V2 rudder blades have to be pivoted up to put on and take off - they cannot be bolted down permanently - if you'd like to do that please continue to use V1 rudder blades.

Here's a blog post with more information about the V2 rudder blades ->

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