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Club 420 - Collegiate
Club 420 - Collegiate
Club 420 - Collegiate
ZIM 420
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The Zim Collegiate 420 is designed to meet the challenging demands of colleges, high schools, camps, and other institutional sailing programs. Our Collegiate 420 combines the proven performance capabilities of the Club 420 with added features that enhance the boat’s strength and durability. Some of these features include a heavy-duty rubrail, bow bumper, and recessed centerboard gasket. Although it is the same hull, the Collegiate 420 does not include a spinnaker or trapeze.

Hull and Deck

  • All thru deck mounted hardware is supported by tapped aluminum backing plates glassed to the inside of the boat which eliminate inspection ports.
  • Forestay chain plate, extruded aluminum with three ¼” fasteners thru bolted into an aluminum backing plate which add durability and strength to the boat.
  • Shroud chain plate is a forged eye strap supported with an aluminum back-up bar under the rail for additional durability.
  • All flanges and hull to deck joints are bonded with Plexus methyl methacrylate structural adhesive to eliminate leaks and hull/deck separation. This is the strongest bonding agent on the market and Zim is the only company to use this to bond their boats.  
  • Elastomeric urethane bow bumpers are the industry standard for increased durability.
  • One-piece high density urethane gasket retainer with cloth gaskets to increased durability and allow for easy maintenance.
  • Optional heavy duty rub rail for added durability.


  • Harken Carbo mainsheet blocks and jib sheet cleats will provide increased reliability.
  • Heavy Duty transom pintles are the longest lasting pintles on the market and the rudder retainer clip has a plastic tip to eliminate pinching fingers. The rudder comes with a lanyard to secure it to the boat.
  • Tennis ball transom bailer is connected to an eye strap on the keelson for easy closure.
  • 4:1 Harken vang system which allows for easy adjustment by crews in team racing.
  • Horn cleat for the aft hiking strap will provide easy adjustment between sets.
  • Jib tack quick pin with lanyard to eliminate pins being dropped in water.
  • Heavy duty webbing hiking straps for greater comfort.


  • Seldon and Dwyer spars are available.
  • Gooseneck height can be raised 4”. (optional)
  • External outhaul.








Hull Weight: 

240 lbs

Mainsail Area:


Jib Area:


Base Boat Includes

  • Zim Platinum sails with team race graphics
  • Dwyer mast and boom
  • White bow bumper
  • Orange recessed gasket
  • Standard duty rub rail
  • Tennis ball bailer – Single
  • Vinyl bow numbers

*Boat price doesn't include freight from Zim Sailing to Customer

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