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C420 Mast Bag (Colie)

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420 Mast Bag

~ This Colie Deluxe mast bag is smoothly tapered at the spreader roots and reinforced at both the hounds and the spreader roots for durability at 75 mph!
~ Every 20 inches below the taper an appropriate length of "de-cored" yacht braid has been sewn into the seam so you can snugly tie up the excess material without searching around for a bunch of line or tape.
~ The butt end closure is Velcro and the bag is cut 12 inches extra long so you can fold the end back over and further reduce any chance of rain getting in at highway speeds.
~ Even has a red flag at the aft end.
~ Made from Top Gun® the highest quality marine fabric made in America, rugged abrasion-resistant material with stay-true, long lasting colors. Top Gun® is guaranteed for a five year period against excessive loss of color or strength under normal exposure conditions. It's also UV and mildew resistant, plus water repellent and breathable.
~ Sewn with "Tenara®" sewing thread by Gore which has a lifetime guarantee for sun-rot. We can say without hesitation that our covers last longer than any others we've seen or heard about.
~ Name or sail number, neatly stenciled on it for personalization. We'll personalize each Colie Deluxe cover with up to 10 letters or numbers, no extra charge!
~ Made in Point Pleasant, New Jersey USA

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