Keep your C420 in top racing shape with replacement rigging and upgraded rigging solutions from Zim Sailing, your trusted C420 builder. 

  • Clevis Pin - 1/4 in x 1 in (10 Pack)

    Clevis Pin - 1/4 in x 1 in (10 Pack)

    This 10 pack of 1/4" x 1" stainless clevis pins comes with stainless split rings. These pins are used with the Zim C420 and on a number of small sailboats.  
  • C420 Mainsheet Bridle (ZIM/LP)

    C420 Mainsheet Bridle (ZIM/LP)

    Our mainsheet bridle with single adjustment finger trap is for use with the Club 420 or Club FJ. A rigging ball is used on the end of the bridle to prevent accidentally pulling the tail through.  Works with LP and Zim boats after 2016 This product...
  • Ronstan Shackle 5mm Twist

    Ronstan Shackle 5mm Twist

    Ronstan Sailboat Hardware
    Grade 316 stainless 5mm twist shackle. Zim Application Vang (boom & mast end): Byte, Megabyte  
  • C420/FJ Shroud Adjuster

    C420/FJ Shroud Adjuster

    This product comes as pictured and doesn't include pins.  1/4" bottom pin, 3/16" upper pins and 3/16" adjustment increment shroud adjuster.  LP Part # 90583
  • Spinnaker Guy Roller Pin Spinnaker Guy Roller Pin

    Spinnaker Guy Roller Pin


    No more guy hooks! 1/4" roller pin designed to fit in ours and the Vanguard shroud adjusters. Built exclusively by Zim Sailing. 
  • C420 Main Halyard

    C420 Main Halyard

    Lightweight main halyard constructed with 3 mm dyneema with rigging ball spliced for head of sail. Reduces windage and weight aloft. 
  • Shockcord S Hook

    Shockcord S Hook

    'S' hook, easy to crimp on to shockcord. 1/8" diameter LP Part # 90642
  • C420 Shroud (Link Plate Style) C420 Shroud (Link Plate Style)

    C420 Shroud (Link Plate Style)

    Dwyer Mast & Rigging
    The C420 Link Plate Shroud is an exclusive product designed by Zim Sailing. The end is designed to accept our link plate, which allows you to adjust your rig while keeping the shroud captive, increasing safety and performance. This shroud can be used to...

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