Zim Sailing is the leading provider of small sailboat parts in North America. We specialize in the C420, Opti, FJ, ILCA (Laser) and RS Sailboat Parts. We have over 2500 SKU's and TONS of items in stock! Shop by boat below or check out our range of universal parts and fittings.

  • 16mm Single Becket Block

    16mm Single Becket Block

    This 16mm Single beckett block is one of the smallest blocks made by harken. On the RS Aero, it is part of the vang system.
  • Harken 40/29mm Block with Fiddle

    Harken 40/29mm Block with Fiddle

    This Harken block has a main 40mm sheave and a 29mm fiddle below it. This part is popular with opti sailors for making their mainsheet 4:1. 
  • Opti Bottom Cover (Optiparts)

    Opti Bottom Cover (Optiparts)

    Optiparts Marine Equipment
    This cover is for the hull of an opti. It has shock cord inserted around the rim and adjustable straps so the cover can sit securely on the hull. It has additional padding in 3 large strips for added protection. 
  • RS Quest Trapeze Kit

    RS Quest Trapeze Kit

    The trapeze kit for the RS Quest includes everything you need to get out on the wire! Trap rings, line, cables, shock cord, clamcleats are all included and come as a completed assembly.
  • ILCA Traveler Line - Dyneema

    ILCA Traveler Line - Dyneema

    Dwyer Mast & Rigging
    This pre-cut section of 6mm gray Dynema is made for an ILCA traveler. It is 144 inches long and has a 2 inch splice in one end. 
  • ILCA Hiking Strap - Zhik

    ILCA Hiking Strap - Zhik

    This hiking strap from Zhik is designed to go with Zhik's "Zhikgrip" boots. The underside of the hiking strap and the top of the boots have rubber studs designed to "lock" together when hiking and allow the sailor to hike for longer and be more...
  • Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk

    Block, 30mm, XHL w/ Vang Key, Blk

    This 30mm Extreme High Load block from Allen is designed specifically for high load applications like the ILCA vang that require frequent adjustment. With a vang key installed, you're ready to amp up the power in your control systems after a quick swap.
  • C420 Carbon Tiller Extension (Dwyer) C420 Carbon Tiller Extension (Dwyer)

    C420 Carbon Tiller Extension (Dwyer)

    Dwyer Mast & Rigging
    New carbon tiller extension from the iconic Dwyer Mast and Rigging! Specifically designed with C420 sailors in mind. Much more rigid than a standard aluminum extension and lighter too! Length overall (including cap and universal): 37.5" Carbon Tube...

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