Spar Parts

  • Quick Pin, RS GNAV

    Quick Pin, RS GNAV

    RS Sailing
    Used with Selden GNAV Boom Slider with Sheaves. Also used for attaching the boom. Used on RS Quest and RS Vision. RS Sailing Part # 166-665
  • Mast Foot, RS Quest

    Mast Foot, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Mast Foot/Plug for the RS Quest. Includes upgraded pivot pin. Connects the bottom of the RS Quest mast to the mast step, whose part number is QUE-HF-200. RS Sailing Part # QUE-SP-904
  • Hook, Reefing, RS Quest

    Hook, Reefing, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Reefing hook used to secure the tack of the RS Quest Mainsail. Used in reefing the mainsail. Attaches to the gooseneck whose part number is 509-081-01. RS Sailing Part # QUE-SP-902
  • Eyestrap, Selden

    Eyestrap, Selden

    Selden Mast
    38mm eyestrap used on the RS21 next to the sheet bag. Attach using 2x screws. Secures the Selden PBB40 Single Strap Block. Part numbers for the screws and block are FIX-S8-P02 and 404-001-25R, respectively.
  • Mast Hinge Pin, RS Quest Mast Hinge Pin, RS Quest

    Mast Hinge Pin, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    RS Quest Mast Hinge Pin (16 on diagram). Use with RS Quest Mast Plug/Foot, whose part number is QUE-SP-904. RS Sailing Part # QUE-SP-905
  • Mast Step, RS Quest

    Mast Step, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Mast Step for the RS Quest. Attaches to the Beam Assembly using 2x rivets. Click HERE to buy rivets. The part numbers for the Beam Assembly and rivets are QUE-HF-105 and FIX-R64-M18, respectively.  RS Sailing Part # QUE-HF-200

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