Hull & Deck Parts

  • Foredeck, RS Quest

    Foredeck, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    The RS Quest Foredeck Pack includes the custom fit foredeck and related components for the RS Quest Sailboat. The Foredeck on the RS Quest provides ample dry storage through multiple inspection port access holes. It also features a splash guard to help...
  • Deck Plate, RS Centerboard

    Deck Plate, RS Centerboard

    RS Sailing
    Deck plate for the RS Quest Centerboard Case. Use one on each side of the case to secure the centerboard shockcords. Each plate has two holes for adjusting the centerboard friction tubes (which help to hold the centerboard in place). Also used on the RS...
  • Mast Step, RS Quest

    Mast Step, RS Quest

    RS Sailing
    Mast Step for the RS Quest. Attaches to the Beam Assembly using 2x rivets. Click HERE to buy rivets. The part numbers for the Beam Assembly and rivets are QUE-HF-105 and FIX-R64-M18, respectively.  RS Sailing Part # QUE-HF-200

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