Universal Parts

  • Shackle, 5/32" (4mm) Pin D

    Shackle, 5/32" (4mm) Pin D

    Dwyer Mast & Rigging
    D Shackle 5/32" (4mm) Pin.  This pin can be used in place of the A-621104.  Used on the Quest, Venture and Zest. 
  • Cam Cleat, Selden 27mm

    Cam Cleat, Selden 27mm

    Selden Mast
    The Selden 27mm Cam Cleat is fabricated using carbon fiber reinforced polyethermide, which resists heat friction. This Selden cam cleat has a hole spacing of 1 in. (27 mm) on center. This small cam cleat has a safe working load of 198 pounds (90 kg), and...
  • Block, 30mm with Strap

    Block, 30mm with Strap

    Selden Mast
    The Selden Ball Bearing Block, BBB30, is used when loads are moderate and dynamic. The ball bearings provide low friction sheave rotation with less vibration. This style Ball Bearing Block from Selden is available in 20, 30, 40, and 60 mm sheave...
  • Block, 30mm Swivel

    Block, 30mm Swivel

    Selden Mast
    Selden Ball Bearing Blocks (BBB) are to designed give you great bearing strength under moderate and dynamic loads where good sheave rotation and minimal friction are desired.The lightweight 30mm series features stainless steel ball bearings with...
  • Block, 45mm Auto Ratchet

    Block, 45mm Auto Ratchet

    Selden Mast
    The Selden auto ratchet blocks are ideal for dinghy mainsheet and spinnaker sheet block. The block makes it easy to advance your grip and offers the perfect combination of control and convenience for trimming in any sailing conditions. The sheave...

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