ILCA Parts

Zim Sailing is the leading provider of ILCA (Laser) parts in North America. Shop racing sails, spars, carbon tillers and extensions, replacement fittings, upgrades, and accessories. We have tons of items in stock ready to ship today!

  • ILCA Race Line Kit

    ILCA Race Line Kit

    Kingfisher Yacht Ropes

    Line bag for the racing ILCA sailor. This kit contains:  Vang Secondary Line Cunningham Secondary Line Hiking Strap Bungee Cunningham Line Rudder Downhaul Line Daggerboard Line (and clip) Hiking Strap Adjust Line Outhaul Line Mast Retainer Line...
  • ILCA Hiking Strap

    ILCA Hiking Strap

    Hyde Sails
    Hiking strap for your ILCA sailboat. LP Part # 91142
  • ILCA Blade Bag ILCA Blade Bag

    ILCA Blade Bag

    Hyde Sails
    Padded blade bag for the ILCA. Store your complete rudder and tiller and daggerboard safely! LP Part # 87106
  • ILCA Daggerboard

    ILCA Daggerboard

    N1 Foils
    The ILCA daggerboard is compatible with all model year ILCA sailboats and it is class legal for racing. The fiberglass board comes with the stop set installed and the required ILCA royalty tag.
  • ILCA Bottom Cover

    ILCA Bottom Cover

    Hyde Sails
    Bottom cover for your ILCA sailboat. LP Part # 87202

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