Tillers & Blades

  • Rudder Blade Tip Head (RS) Rudder Blade Tip Head (RS)

    Rudder Blade Tip Head (RS)

    RS Sailing
    Replacement Rudder Head, narrow (21mm width) head. For use on RS Feva, RS Tera, and RS Quba. RS Sailing Part # RSM-FO-901
  • Rudder Blade, RS Tera

    Rudder Blade, RS Tera

    RS Sailing
    New style aluminium rudder blade, as supplied on a new boat. Fits all existing RS Tera rudder stocks. RS Sailing Part # TER-FO-100
  • Rowing Kit, RS

    Rowing Kit, RS

    RS Sailing
    RS Rowing Kit - suitable for RS Tera, RS Zest, and the RS Quba. The kit includes: Oars, Rowlocks, Sockets & Fittings. RS Sailing Part # RSM-UA-100

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